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Trefoil Cross

Trefoil Cross

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A traditional baptismal cross, the outer shape has three rounds at the end of each arm representing the Trinity (and from earlier times, the earth, sea and sky). The Eastern Orthodox cross is in the center with the top bar representing the signboard, and the bottom, slanted bar representing the footrest, raised to Christ's right.

The cross between the two thieves was like the balance for the scales of justice: For the one thief who perished from the sheer wright of his blasphemy, while the other rose out of his sinfulness through the recognition of Christ's divinity. 

The Greek letters, IC at one end and XC at the other end of the main arm are a Christogram, representing the name of Jesus Christ. Above the signboard is a symbol of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. On the back of the cross are the Slavonic words: Peace and Saves (translated).

Sterling, 5/8" x 7/8", with a 30" fine black leather cord